While no two properties are the same, there are a few boxes almost every owner should tick before summer. With a little elbow grease and some weekend hours, everything will be sorted in no time.

1.  Clear away  dead plants from your garden. New growth will flourish and it’s an opportunity to refresh and replant for a new look.

2.  Check your roof for loose shingles or other damage. Recent regional winter storms have whipped up winds and rain that could have compromised the integrity of your roof. 

3.  Get out that patio furniture and a bucket of warm water and a brush to give it a good scrub. (This is a great task for kids!) If there are spots of rust you can sand and paint your pieces instead of replacing them to save money. 

4.  What will kids want to play with this summer? Order playsets, swing sets and paddle pools now before stocks run low and the little ones are left disappointed. 

5.  Indoor and outdoor vents need attention as they may be blocked by debris or holding mold due to condensation and moisture. 

6.  Get the ladder out and clean those gutters! Giving the exterior of your gutters a thorough clean too can make a world of difference. Your home will sparkle again! 

7.  Inspect caulking around doors and windows for damage or wear. Filling in gaps can keep critters and insects out and prevent drafts. 

8.  The garage can become a dumping ground for sports equipment, tools, luggage and random items. Choose a fine day and take everything out and place it all on the driveway. Decide what to keep and what to biff. Please remember Op Shops for any unwanted items in good condition. You don’t want to add to landfills. 

9.  Inspect crawl spaces and attics. Look for obstructions over vents, damaged soffit panels, roof flashing leaks and wet spots on insulation. Also, watch for birds’ nests and evidence of mice or rats. 

10. Check the gas bottle on your barbeque and clean the interior and exterior with a good brush, to remove rust and any old grease.

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