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Harry Liu

Offering an analytical and well-planned approach to selling real estate, I ensure every detail has been carefully thought out, and that every step of the process is meticulously executed. From the initial
marketing plan to the final negotiations, you can be assured that I’m across it all.

I graduated from University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of  commerce, honours degree, with a double major in Operations Management and Human Resources Management. I then went on to spend over a decade in strategic planning for several of New Zealand’s largest retail businesses.

The planner for your next move.

My experience in demand supply planning, financial forecasting, budgeting and data analysis is now benefiting my real estate clients. I also fully  understand marketing philosophy and how to use marketing tools to ensure I achieve optimal buyer interest in your property.
Speaking fluent Mandarin and English, I have a wide network of contacts. Most importantly however, I understand the differences of each culture very well and am able to adapt my negotiation style to
suit. I understand what people’s expectations are in an intense negotiation and how to reach the balance point to make an agreement.

Don’t leave it to chance when you sell your home. Speak to someone who will arm you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.
Harry Liu

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