The Team

Zareian Team2

Husband, Mehran, and Son, Andre, compliment Geraldine’s service.

Each has unique strengths that combine to provide the best in real estate



“Enabling You to Experience a Premium Service and Result”

I provide a professional, bespoke service, marketing and selling premium luxury property on Auckland’s beautiful coast and I’m passionate about it. I commit to each and every client with integrity and determination to create a remarkable experience and achieve a successful outcome!

My success in real estate as a licenced agent has benefited from my prior client services experience in sales management, health, sports and the hospitality industry. I strive to empathise with every client’s situation and tailor my service accordingly. My attention to detail and level of communication are always as I would expect for myself if I were the client. 


Real Estate has always been my passion. Coming from a Successful Real Estate family, I have grown up around the lifestyle of a successful salesperson. Being surrounded by the industry has allowed me to develop a personality perfectly suited towards providing the ultimate outcome for my clients.

Real Estate is an emotional investment, having the ability to build and maintain relationships is important to both the industry and to me as a salesperson. My driven personality along with my enthusiasm for Real Estate creates the energy needed to provide a high standard of service for my clients. 

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